Astroturf – All You Need To Know

Astroturf – All You Want To Know

Lawns are the beauty spot of a house. Every individual house today – yes, there are very few individual houses as compared to apartments – has their own lawn or at least they prefer to have one. The space for lawn is beautifully thought and checked during the house is in its designing stage. One thing though, that most people do not take into notice while thinking of having a lawn, is the maintenance of it. Lawns are extremely difficult to maintain and can cause tons of bucks if not taken care properly. Especially, the grass in the lawn is super difficult to deal with. It requires constant trimming, adequate watering, enough sunlight and most of all great amount of cleaning around. Although the plants and trees are difficult, the grass is nothing less. It in fact, sometimes requires more effort than what is expected for the larger trees. One way to save up on all these efforts and costs is synthetic grass. Read below to learn more about it.

Synthetic grass or artificial grass or artificial turf is an array of synthetic fiber made to look like grass, arranged like a turf. Artificial GrassAstroTurf was the first company to have actually created, rather innovated, the first synthetic turf. This led to people generically calling the synthetic turfs as AstroTurf. Much later, when different competitors jumped into the pool, the generalization began loosening up. But, AstroTurf even today stands at the zenith of the artificial grass industry and is still spreading its realm across the world, one country at a time. AstroTurf first came into existence in 1965 when it was cofounded by three innovators. It has never seen a back road since then.

What makes AstroTurf special?

Astroturf was indeed special for jumping into the blue ocean market of synthetic grass carpets or turfs, as we know them. It had gained popularity that remained at the peak till the early 2000s and had gained trust from the customers subsequently. Astroturf is still the most renowned brand in the industry. AstroTurf has been used in the stadiums for different games and have been constantly improving itself for convenience of the athletes.

What makes them easy to maintain?

The material used in the making of Astroturf is primarily what makes them easy to maintain in addition to the fact that they are synthetic and would not grow out. The AstroTurf is one of the most researched and developed product and has been used by millions of customers around the world for ages. It has been noted that AstroTurf is extremely durable and costs less than half of what a normal living turf would cost to maintain.

What sort of research goes into the development of AstroTurf?

AstroTurf is well researched in terms of the muscle activity of the feet that would fall on it while walking. The researchers work hard towards the Nylon fiber spacing, their alignment and the fiber engagement at the lower side of the turf and ensure that there would not be any torque on the walker’s feet. It is essential because natural grass is highly comfortable in these aspects and Nylon fiber are slightly hard. It also is important that the AstroTurf smells and feels close enough to actual grass, if not completely like it. Hence, the chemicals and materials used are well researched and wisely chosen.

How is AstroTurf Installed?

Installing AstroTurf can be slightly tedious for a first timer, but there are professionals who could do it for money. However, if one wants to do it themselves, it is no rocket science at all. Laying AstroTurf only requires basic things like Sand (Lots of it!), Weed Proof Membrane, Type 1, some wood for borders (optional) and the AstroTurf itself. One would, however, need a second person to help with all the levelling and pasting and trimming. But otherwise, it is quite an easy job to do, if one has no problem finding the second person.

AstroTurf is extremely beneficial, especially for those that find it difficult to manage their lawns or gardens and want them to look beautiful always. AstroTurf is durable, greener for longer, trusted and a great alternative for actual grass. We hope this article helped.

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